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You have come to this page either seeking pruning services or to find out the difference between trimming and pruning. If you would like pruning services, then give us a call. If you would like to know the difference between trimming and pruning, we will explain it to you.

When you want service to remove of branches that are in the way of things or that are dangling from a recent store, that is what we consider trimming. Just getting control over some wild branches. What we think pruning is, is the regular type of trimming that focuses on the health and beauty of the tree. It's pruning the trees to produce stronger, healthier trees. It takes some experience and knowledge in how to be able to prune the trees so that they stay healthy. There are basically, two types of ways to prune a tree, for an ornamental tree or a shade tree. Both of which have different trimming techniquies but also very possible to do both to a tree. We can do both if you wish that for your tree.

Pruning for health is when we remove any wood that is sick or infested with bugs. We will also sometimes remove branches to thin out the tree so that it can get oxygen and also remove branches that are rubbing on each other casuing damage. When it storms and there's some fierce wind, those branches will continue to rub each other and only further damaging itself. And of course, any part of the tree that is already damaged or dead, we would remove. We can come out on a yearly basis or more to make sure the tree is healing and growing to its fullest potential. Proper pruning can make the tree look fantastic and beautiful only added value to your wonderful yard.

Pruning for aesthetics would be trimming to focus on the shape of the tree, enhancing the traditional shape, or having them grow taller or have more leaves and blooms. Every tree is different. Some need more pruning then others. Removing any rubbing branches or damaged portions to ensure that the tree grows into the shape you want. It definitly takes an eye and knowledge of trees to get them to take their proper shape or to grow as tall as it can. We care about your trees just as much as you care for them.

We would love to come out and inspect your trees so that we may offer what we think would promote healthy and beauty growing of your tree. Just give us a call, we'll come out and give you the best deal on all the work you want accomplished.

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