Stump Grinding

One of our services that we offer is stump grinding. It is however, not included in the price for the tree removal. It is very affordable though. Homeowners and business owners like to try to take the stump out themselves. Just a warning, it is a difficult and dangerous job to do. It's best left up to professionals with the proper equipment to take care of it. Some trees are huge and have deep, long roots that can be very hard to remove. Instead of going through the difficulty, pain and frustration of trying to get the stump out yourself, call us and we would be more than happy to help.

If you are thinking about doing it yourself, just know that the equipment to rent a stump grinder is usually more than what we would charge. Then you would have professionals who know how to use the machinery instead of guessing and assuming how it works. You can give us a call to see how much it would be for us to remove the stump. Another thing to keep in mind if you are thinking about renting the stump grinder, is that you would need a truck and a tow hitch to bring it to your home, which isn't something everyone has. That's another expense of having to rent a truck. A stump grinder is a dangerous piece of machinery if you don't know how to use it. Make sure to ask the dealer for full instructions before taking on the task. Or you can simply call us and we would take care of everything and you wouldn't need to worry about finding a grinder, a truck and risking injury.

Our process of removing the stump is to ensure professionalism, efficiency, and quickness. We start off by using a shovel and removing any rocks that are around the stump. Rocks can be a hazard to the machine and also if they start being flown around. Then we take a chain saw and cut the stump the lowest it can be. It's not necessary, but it does help with moving the job along faster, instead at grinding the full stump.

Next, we start using the grinder. We put it a couple inches about the side of the stump. It swings side to side as the grinding wheel rips up the wood. Every couple of inches, we raise it back up, move closer and continue until all of the stomp is gone. After that, we clean up all the wood chips and either let your keep them, if you wish, or we will haul them away. We will also fill in the hole with dirt and plant grass seed if you wish. It'll be up to you to water the seeds until the grass start growing.

The process of stump grinding may seem fairly easy, but it does require big, expensive equipment, that can be very dangerous if not used correctly. We have invested in many different types and sizes of grinders so that we can do every possible task. If you have a fenced in yard that doesn't have a huge gate, we can still get a grinder through a normal gate. If you have a stump that needs removing or you have an entire tree to be removed, we would love to come see if so that we can give you the price quote. Give us a call now to get it all started.

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